database and content management

These are some of the clients I have worked with in the last few years.

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust (human rights charity,
Built their customer relationship manager (CRM) in FileMaker to store contact details; correspondence records; event attendance; internal image / resource library. Provided user support for system and wrote user manuals and system documentation.

Panache Display Ltd (shop mannequin sales and hire,
FileMaker database development and support.The database stores product details, sets up job sheets and invoices, tracks stock for sale and for hire.

Wawa Sofas (sofa and interior design house,
Set up a FileMaker database to store customer details; track correspondence; follow-up leads; display information on fabrics; analyse job costs and profit margins.

XChange Training (training,
Tailored training courses in FileMaker for creative professionals.

Artangel (commissions projects by contemporary artists,
Developed an existing FileMaker database to track patron pledges and donations.

Alexander Creswell (artist,
Converted existing artwork database from AppleWorks to FileMaker and introduced features to display images and tracking of sales and exhibitions.

Hidden Art (support for designer makers and craftspeople,
Project managed the transition from an early content management system (CMS) to more effective software (EasySite): managing the tender process; drawing up spec for customized templates; devising site structure and navigation; populating new structure; creating categories, tags, groups and users. Built membership database in MS Access to track all interventions and generate audit reports for funders. Customized electronic point of sale (EPOS) database for use in parallel with e-commerce site. Wrote user manuals and built intranet.

Mole Clinic (skin cancer screening clinic,
Built patient record system in FileMaker to record consultations and store analyses of lesions, associated images (using SuperContainer) and recommendations. The system was used in-house and also rolled out for use with an NHS Trust.

Sussex Health Care (care home management,
Researched, organized and wrote all content for this site.

Intuition Communications (private health web sites, and
Managed and wrote copy for CMS (EasySite). Created advertorial articles from raw information supplied by customers. Built sections and sub-sections and organized content by country and by medical disciplines. Researched and wrote introductory copy. Managed images and other media.

Welland Xtra (business support Rutland/Lincolnshire, – project has now finished)
Set up a new CMS (EasySite) for this agency in order to facilitate internal communication and to showcase their projects. Created: overall navigation structure and sections; users and groups; basic page templates; categories and tags; metadata protocols; documentation for users.